Jamie Foxx Mocks Obama’s Dance Moves: “That Definitely Wasn’t The Black Side In You!”

The White House hosted its annual Motown celebration this weekend in honor of Black History Month, and while the guests sang and danced the night away to the classics, the President was slightly more hesitant. When prompted by guest performer Jamie Foxx to dance, the President declined, so Foxx danced Obama-style in his stead before quipping that his dance on Ellen was “definitely not the black side in you!”

After asking President Obama to dance during his performance several times and receiving a polite answer in the negative, Foxx prodded the President by telling him “I saw you on Ellen!” and imitating his dance moves from that appearance– mostly raising fists to the air so softly one would assume the background music was adult contemporary. After doing this for a bit, Foxx joked, “that definitely wasn’t the black side in you!”

President Obama took it in stride, laughing alongside his family (First Daughter Sasha appeared particularly amused) and shaking Foxx’s hand with enthusiasm.

The amusing clip via Fox Nation below:

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