Judge Andrew Napolitano: Osama bin Laden Was Illegally Murdered

Fox Business Network host Andrew Napolitano made some news yesterday when he openly questioned if the U.S. government is “telling us the truth” over the killing of Osama bin Laden, specifically wondering if the White House was “pulling a fast one to save Obama’s lousy Presidency. Now Napolitano appears to be covering all of his bases with Obama detractors telling Fox Radio host Tom Sullivan that the U.S. Military’s killing of bin Laden was an illegal murder.

Listen to the clip below, courtesy of Fox Radio, who introduces the clip:

“Did President Obama and the United States break the law when they flew into Pakistan and killed Usama bin Laden? Judge Andrew Napolitano, host of FBN’s “Freedom Watch” says the US “murdered” the terrorist mastermind – the Judge joined Tom to explain why! Check out the behind the scenes video above!”

Listen to the clip below:

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