Krauthammer: GOP Didn’t ‘Win’ Midterms; the Dems ‘Lost’ It

Conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer is echoing Republican pollster Frank Luntz, saying that despite massive gains in the midterm elections this week, the Republican Party shouldn’t see its victories as an endorsement.

Krauthammer writes in the Washington Post Friday that Republicans, now controlling both houses of Congress, have an opportunity to set an agenda and put President Obama on the defensive. But they shouldn’t interpret their new power as a pat on the back from voters.

From Krauthammer’s op-ed:

Memo to the GOP. You had a great night on Tuesday. But remember: You didn’t win it. The Democrats lost it. …

[I]t was a negative judgment, not an endorsement of the GOP. The prize for winning is nothing but the opportunity for Republicans to show that they can govern — the opportunity to seize the national agenda. …

It needs to be urgent, determined and relentless. Say, a bill a week for the first 10 weeks. Start with obvious measures with significant Democratic support, like the Keystone XL pipeline. …

Tuesday’s victory was big. But it did nothing more than level the playing field and give you a shot. Take it.

Luntz said essentially the same thing this week in a separate op-ed for the New York Times.

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