Larry Wilmore Feels Bad About Mocking CNN’s Wolf Blitzer

larry wilmoreFollowing his acerbic roasts of media personalities at the White House Correspondents Dinner, comedian and Nightly Show host Larry Wilmore is feeling contrite about the negative tone of the jokes — particularly the ones aimed at CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

In an interview with the AP published Tuesday, Wilmore said his “tone didn’t fit the room.”

“I may have underestimated the tone of how I was telling the jokes,” he said, adding that “all of these revelations you realize after the fact.”

“I feel bad about the Wolf thing,” Wilmore said, “because that came out more negative than I intended.”

Wilmore’s joke — delivered before the stoic CNN host — went as follows: “Speaking of drones, how is Wolf Blitzer still on television? Hey, Wolf, I’m willing to project tonight’s winner: anyone that isn’t watching The Situation Room.


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