Limbaugh Compiles Round-Up of Media Celebrating Obama’s ‘Genius’ Embrace of Kerry’s Gaffe

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh tore into the media on Tuesday and accused them of malpractice in their reporting of how the so-called Russian proposal to impose a diplomatic solution on Syria. Limbaugh played a montage of clips of members of the media celebrating the “genius” of President Barack Obama for embracing a misstatement by Sec. John Kerry and making it the centerpiece of American policy towards that country’s civil war.

“Turns out, this was the plan all along – at least what the media wants us to believe,” Limbaugh said of the Russian solution. “This is journalistic malpractice.”

“It’s embarrassing,” he continued. “It’s as transparent as it could be.”

Limbaugh observed that, in the wake of America’s demonstrated lack of resolve, Bashar al-Assad has resumed aerial bombing of rebel positions.

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The host then played a montage of clips of member so of the media celebrating what appears to be a diplomatic solution which would provide the president with significant political cover.

The members of the media described Obama’s strategy as “genius” and the Russia proposal as “deus ex machina” rescuing the president.

Listen to the clip below via The Rush Limbaugh Show:

[Photo via screen grab ]

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