Limbaugh Rails Against GOP ‘Mindset Of Permanent Minority’: ‘We Could Stop Everything’ Dems Want To Do

Just say no. That was Rush Limbaugh‘s message on Thursday, when he questioned why Republicans should go along with an idea just because Democrats want them too. Railing against the GOP mindset that they’re a “permanent minority,” Limbaugh urged the party to take initiative.

There needn’t be “an alternative that is rooted in what they want,” Limbaugh urged. This allowed him to segue into the immigration debate, noting that Democrats want millions of new voters — under the guise of helping those “who risked everything” to come to this country.

Republicans should be firm and insist “everything stays the same” until we “shut down the border,” the radio host emphasized. But he branched out, and offered Obamacare as an example of the GOP acquiescing to Democratic proposals.

“The Democrats are always driving,” he noted. “And we never say no! … Why don’t we take the initiative? … We could stop everything they want to do.”

Clearly frustrated, Limbaugh repeatedly asked why Republicans need to put forth an alternative to every Democratic proposal. Republicans don’t “push back” because they “have a mindset of permanent minority,” he argued. “We have a mindset, apparently, that says most people hate us.”

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