London Mayor: Jindal’s ‘No-Go Zones’ Claims ‘Complete Nonsense’

Even after Fox News dropped it as a talking point, Louisiana Governor and potential 2016 candidate Bobby Jindal was still warning of Muslim “no-go zones” all over Europe that could spread to the United States. Jindal argued about no-go zones in England, and the mayor of London had some thoughts about that in a conversation with Politico’s Mike Allen today.

Someone at the Politico event asked Johnson about Jindal’s comments, and Johnson said he was “very surprised” by them. He said of Jindal and anyone else making those claims, “I think they’re in need of some gentle education on this point.”

The mayor said such a claim is “complete nonsense” and offered to personally escort Jindal to any place in London he thinks is a “no-go zone” to show him how mistaken he is.

Watch the video below, via Politico:

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