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Gov. Jindal: Obama Is ‘Most Liberal, Most Incompetent President… Since Jimmy Carter’

Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal spoke in Chicago yesterday for the Conservative Political Action Conference, and in the wake of President Obama’s misstatement earlier in the day that “the private sector is doing fine,” he tore into the president for being out-of-touch. Jindal said the private sector is “so foreign” to Obama, criticized him for staying out of the fiercely-fought Wisconsin recall, and declared that this president is the “most liberal, most incompetent” since Jimmy Carter.

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According to CBS News, Jindal suggested the president doesn’t really believe in private enterprise, and really went after Obama for the aforementioned gaffe.

“Mr. President, I’ve got a message for you: The private sector is not doing well when 23 million Americans are unemployed and underemployed in this great country. This president, the private sector is so foreign to him he might need a passport to actually go visit and he might need a translator to help him talk to folks in the private sector.”

He also said flatly that by staying out of the Wisconsin recall election, Obama showed a lack of leadership, and when asked about Romney’s absence in the state, Jindal noted that Mitt Romney took some time in his busy campaign schedule to promote and highlight the importance of reelecting Walker.

Jindal concluded that Obama is “the most liberal, most incompetent president in the White House since Jimmy Carter.”

h/t CBS News

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