Maher Panel Goes Off After Panelist Says CNN, MSNBC Are Liberal Equivalent of Fox News


Last night, Bill Maher‘s panel got heated in the online-only Overtime segment when the subject of Fox News came up.

Maher read a viewer question about the New York Times Magazine piece this week on the power and influence of the Murdochs.

“If Fox News would stop becoming state media…” Maher started to say.

American Enterprise Institute senior vice president Danielle Pletka asked, “As opposed to CNN and MSNBC?”

“Oh, come on,” Maher said. “That is a false analogy.”

“No, it’s actually a totally correct analogy. Fox News has become the news of the right and the others have become the news of the left,” Pletka said.

As the panel started arguing, she said CNN has become the equivalent of Fox “on the other side.”

Chelsea Handler said CNN and MSNBC have a “level of accountability” that Fox News doesn’t.

“Their worse offense,” Maher said, “is that they don’t report things as if they didn’t happen.”

Foreign Affairs editor Gideon Rose did say that people should distinguish the news side of Fox from the opinion side.

You can watch the whole thing above (the relevant part starts around the 5:05 mark), via HBO.

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