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Matt Drudge Suggests GOP Deserves to Lose Georgia Special Election


Matt Drudge is back on Twitter, and he’s suggesting that the Republican Party might deserve to lose the Georgia special election as punishment for not doing enough to help President Trump.

The Drudge Report creator doesn’t offer a whole lot of direct political commentary, but he emerged on the social media platform to offer a rare tweet about the contest between Democrat Jon Ossoff and Republican Karen Handel:

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 7.09.10 AM

Over the past several months, Drudge has tweeted out his anger about how the GOP has not done enough to fall in line and help Trump get his agenda going throughout the government. At one point, Drudge even suggested that the Republican Party ought to be sued for not cutting taxes like they promised they would.

The special election in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District has drawn significant attention for months, with many observers viewing it as a referendum of the GOP’s performance and the Trump presidency. The race is still competitive, though current polling project that Ossoff has the lead on Handel at the moment.

Ossoff and Handel traded blows with each other recently when they faced off for their highly-anticipated debate last week. The battle between them will end when the runoff election happens on June 20.

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