Mediaite’s Most Popular Posts Of 2009

Picture 2Technically speaking we could also title this ‘Our Most Popular Posts Ever!’ or alternately ‘Our Most Popular Posts Of The 2nd Half Of 2009’ since Mediaite actually didn’t come into existence until July of this year. Regardless, either or any way you slice it these were our most popular posts in 2009 reposted here with their original excerpts and links.

Before you dive in a few fun things that aren’t reflected here: Glenn Beck (how that is possible, all things considered, is a really a traffic mystery) (Glenn Beck’s vagina: less of a mystery); Megan Fox (boobs and otherwise); Twilight; and Tiger Woods(!). Go figure. With that said, we had a great year here at Mediaite (all six months of it!) And we’re looking forward to the one ahead. So, happy New Year to you and may we present our most popular posts (again).

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