Mika Brzezinski: Trump Presidency is ‘A Low Point in American History’

It’s no secret that Mika Brzezinski doesn’t like Donald Trump. On Friday she took a “joking” moment to remind regular Morning Joe viewers just how deep the disdain runs.

After some lighthearted comparisons between Steve Bannon and “Tommy Boy” — Mika offered the following observation.

“Yeah, it seems that we’re at a low point in American history.”

The magnitude of her comment didn’t seem to initially register, and she continued on to her next statement before Scarborough cut her off.

“Well, the Civil War was probably a little worse, that was bad,” he interjected.

“Well, I’m worried about what’s coming,” Mika retorted.

“Great Depression, pretty bad. That was probably worse,” he shot back.

“This is a pretty low point,” she continued.

“You know influenza, a lot of people died from influenza that was probably worse.”

“We’re at a low point in presidential history,” said Brzezinski finally conceding some ground.

The Morning Joe co-host has long been one off Trump’s most ferocious critics on cable television. She has in the past called his presidency “fake and failed” and — along with her co-anchor — have liberally speculated about his mental fitness for office. Not one to let slights go ignored, Trump has often shot back at the pair, most famously his “bleeding face” series of tweets against Brzezinski — which future generations will be able to ponder at the Trump Presidential library.

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