Mitt Romney Receives Dubious Honor Of Having His Portrait Placed In A Gallery Of Presidential Losers

Yesterday, an aide to Mitt Romney said it was “doubtful” the former presidential hopeful would be watching the inauguration. Instead, he planned to spend the day just hanging out in La Jolla, California, potentially, being upset. Well, Romney might have a reason to celebrate now: he’s being awarded the dubious honor of placement in a gallery for presidential election losers. The apt and awesome title? “They Also Ran Gallery.”

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The gallery, in Norton, Kansas describes their goal of studying the past: “Over our shoulders, we look down the long political vista of the years. We wonder about those rejected…the defeated. Was ours a wise choice?”

The “They Also Ran Gallery” has been around for 48 years and Lee Ann Shearer, the curator, told the Salina Journal she tries to make each new loser’s portrait placement in the gallery special.

“I’ve tried to make it a party and a little inauguration,” Shearer said. “After a welcome, I will have a little talk about the rejected candidate.”

Romney will be the 60th portrait to be placed. The gallery also holds a portrait and history of Senator John McCain (R-AZ), who lost to President Obama in 2008.

h/t HuffPost

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