‘Nobody Is Getting Fooled!’: Face-Off Between Tucker Carlson, Newsweek Writer Goes Off the Rails

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson faced off with Newsweek senior writer Kurt Eichenwald tonight and it didn’t take long for things to blow up.

Right off the bat, Carlson made it clear he was going to grill Eichenwald about some of the things he’s tweeted that he didn’t think reflected well on him and his publication. Eichenwald, meanwhile, made it clear that he was ready with a binder full of “Tucker Carlson Falsehoods.”



Carlson proceeded to confront him about the time he tweeted, “I believe Trump was institutionalized in a mental hospital for a nervous breakdown in 1990, which is why he won’t release medical records.”

Eichenwald started go explain the background behind that particular tweet, but as he kept going Carlson directly confronted him on whether Trump was in a mental hospital or not. Eichenwald objected to Carlson interrupting him, saying, “Would you like me to answer the question or not?”

At one point, he told Carlson, “You’re not fooling anybody, you’re trying to stop me from giving the answer.”

Carlson shut back, “This is a little nutty, I gotta be honest!”

They kept arguing back and forth and Eichenwald told Carlson he could get out his binder again and go down the list.

Carlson ended the interview by saying, “I’m concerned about your behavior on this show tonight.”

You really should just watch the whole thing above, via Fox News.

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