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‘Obama Girl’ May Be Out, But ‘Obama Boy’ Is Here And He’s Got A ‘Crush On Obama’

The election is heating up and you know what that means; it’s time to get some viral musical anthems supporting the candidates! Recently, Amber Lee Ettinger, the original Obama Girl, has been publicly wavering in her support of President Obama. However, she was so 2008. We need an Obama video to really fit the 2012 political spectrum. That’s why Obama Girl is out and Obama Boy is in…but, y’know, still “out.”

Yes, Justin Brown has taken up the musical torch Ettinger dropped to sing about the torch he carries for the President, detailing all the feelings he has for the big guy when “watching you on LOGO.”

“You support me unlike the right.
You’re my rainbow colored knight.
Stonewall is going to be crazy tonight.

I gotta a crush on Obama.

I cannot wait for my soulmate.
Barry you’re the finest candidate.

I can’t wait to see you get hard on Romney in debate.
Why don’t you pick up your phone cuz
I got a crush on Obama.”

I have to say, the song is an even catchier ear worm than the 2008 version. I’m not sure, are having high production values a gay stereotype?

Full disclosure: This author is familiar with Brown from the New York comedy scene. He’s very nice. Mr. President, if you’re reading this, you should give him a call.

Watch the video below:

(h/t Huffington Post)

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