Obama Raps About His ’99 Problems’ (Mitt Ain’t One)

We all know that President Obama likes hanging out (er, hosting fundraisers) with Jay-Z and Beyoncé. Well, now there’s a video meshing the two together in a political rendition of Obama’s “99 Problems.” (Spoiler: Mitt ain’t one.)

Obama tells us: “The year is 2009 / And the White House is mine / But the economy’s in full motherfucking decline / My choices at the time were to shit on the poor or / Fellate the banks to get elected once more.”

Adding: “With all your bank problems / I feel bad for you, son / I got 99 problems / But Mitt’s not one.”

And then there’s the clip of Martin Luther King, Jr. saying, “I have a dream” — to which Obama chimes in, “Well, I have a drone.”

Do watch:

(H/T NY Mag)

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