Page Six Held Off Posting Mika/Joe Relationship Scoop ‘For Weeks’

morningjoe-300x196Who says the writers over at The New York Post’s influential gossip section Page Six don’t have a heart? According to a source close to the story, editors there held off from posting their exclusive scoop about Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough alleged relationship for weeks. And let’s be clear before Roger Ailes dominated the headlines, a Joe/Mika hookup was about as big a NY media gossip story as there is so holding that story could not have been an easy call.

The reason, according to our source, is that NBC convinced them to hold off until Joe and Mika could sort out certain sensitive issues in their personal lives which we will not report here.

According to the Page Six report from June, three years after Scarborough divorced from his wife,  Brzezinski and her husband settled on a ‘under-the radar’ divorce as well.

“Mika’s divorce was finalized in the past year. She’s really grateful that it was done amicably and in private. This has, of course, been a painful time for her family. So right now she is focused on her two teenage daughters, and on continuing to heal,” an MSNBC spokesperson told Page Six. 

Interestingly, the report also stated that Joe and Mika “could soon go public as a couple.” That was about three weeks ago. So, far no official word. Although, there have been some, uh, on-air indicators. We reached out to Page Six for comment and haven’t heard back.



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