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PBS Won’t Air Paul McCartney Concert Jab At President Bush

You may recall that during a concert at the White House last month, attended by President and Mrs. Obama, Paul McCartney topped off his performance by announcing to the crowd that “it’s great to have a president who knows what a library is.” Obama had reportedly left the room before the remark was made, but clip inevitably made the morning show rounds.

One place you apparently won’t see the clip is on PBS. The station reportedly decided to cut the moment when it airs the 90 minute special of the concert on July 28. According to the Washington Post what you will see instead is McCartney singing “Yesterday” at the previous night’s concert at the Library.

According to HuffPo the decision may have been less nefarious than it sounds: “However, the spokesperson added, McCartney’s comment came “after the planned program had officially concluded” and after President Obama had left the room, so it will not be appearing in the TV version.” Via the magic of the Internet, you can watch below.

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