Nancy Pelosi Denies Bob Woodward’s Claim About Pressing Mute On Obama’s Calls

In his new book, The Price of Politics, Bob Woodward writes that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi sometimes hit the mute button when President Barack Obama would start giving “uplifting speeches” during conference calls. Pelosi denied the claim, saying that, during those calls, she always cleared the room, listened and took notes.

Woodward said that during Obama’s impromptu speeches, “Pelosi put Obama on mute so that she and [Harry] Reid could work without Obama knowing they had stopped listening.”

“Well, that didn’t happen,” Pelosi said at a POLITICO Playbook breakfast today. Adding:

“When the president of the United States is having a conversation with the speaker of the House and the leader in the Senate — or just the president and speaker — it’s a formal situation. It’s history. Perhaps, because I might need a resource there, but … Mostly, I clear the room when I’m talking to the president — I don’t want anybody hearing one side of the conversation. I clear the room and I take notes and we have a conversation.”

Moreover, “the president’s not a person who’s long on the phone,” she said, which refutes the “basic premise” of Woodward’s anecdote. If the president’s holding a call, it’s because there’s an “official purpose.”

“I haven’t the faintest idea” what Woodward is basing his story on, she said.

Take a look, via C-SPAN:

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