Reality TV Star Who Crashed White House Dinner Is Now Running for Congress

Tareq Salahi, a former reality TV star who made headlines when he and his then-wife showed up uninvited to a White House dinner in 2009, announced his campaign for Congress Tuesday.

Following Representative Frank Wolf’s (R-VA) retirement announcement yesterday, Salahi quickly declared his own campaign for the seat. Salahi tried to run for Virginia governor last year but failed to gather the necessary number of signatures to make the ballot.

“My political goals are sincere and motivated by a desire to once again serve the hard-working people of Virginia and genuinely represent them, their values, their concerns and their needs,” Salahi said. “I am well acquainted with the financial struggle and hardship many Virginians have been facing and have empathy and respect for the people who have somehow managed to tough it out in these challenging economic times.”

The Salahis have been at the edges of public attention since they crashed a White House dinner four years ago, fighting with Whoopi Goldberg on the set of The View and getting kicked off various reality shows for not needing rehab. They last made headlines when Tareq claimed his wife had been kidnapped, only to find out she’d run off with Journey guitarist Neal Schon.

[h/t NBC Washington]

[Image via Bill O’Leary/Washington Post]

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