REPORT: Trump Will Ask Congress to Pay For Border Wall, Not Mexico

150628100138-donald-trump-mexico-immigration-wall-intv-tapper-sotu-00013814-large-169According to GOP sources, President-elect Donald Trump has expressed his intention to Congressional Republicans that he would prefer to fund the much-hyped border wall with Mexico via the appropriations process. This could happen as soon as April.

Obviously, this will come as a big surprise to many of his supporters, as Trump continuously said on the campaign trail that Mexico would pay for the proposed wall.

According to CNN, Trump has argued that he has authorization to build the wall through a 2006 law, but he still needs to get funding for the project.

Thus, if they include the funding in a spending bill, it will likely pass unless Democrats want to filibuster and shut down the government to prevent it. The cost of the wall will add billions to the budget, which needs to pass by April 28th. The amount proposed last year for border security was $10 billion.

In the end, Trump could take the position he proposed in October, when he said America would pay for the wall initially but Mexico would reimburse us.

UPDATE: 8:30 am EST Trump is tweeting again, saying Mexico will still pay for the wall in the end.

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