Republicans Target Obama’s Donations With Groupon Spoof

Republicans are targeting President Obama‘s relationship with donors with a new ad that spoofs popular “coupon” site Groupon. BarackOn features daily deals for the President’s bundlers. Of course, this criticism of President Obama is certainly not a new one.

The fun (can we call it that?) take on the president’s hefty donations from bundlers gets the message across quite well. One of the featured deals is “Ambassadorships In Exotic Locales.” Click to view more about the deal and you’ll find a page that reminds you “while Americans wonder about their future, Obama’s focused on his own.” Included are a series of statistics like “2: Stances President Obama Has Taken On Super PACs.”

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The other deals are “Taxpayer-Funded Venture Capital For Your Shoddy Green Tech Idea” and “Blue Room Meetings With Top Obama Officials At The White House.”

(H/T BuzzFeed)

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