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Republicans Voted to Invade an Imaginary Syria

As Congress debates President Obama‘s call for military strikes on Syria, and media “experts” on both sides of the aisle (and both sides of the issue) compete with each other for the Dumbest Argument Award, the sticking point that nearly everyone agrees on is that there be no boots on the ground. It’s worth remembering that less than a year ago, Republicans voted en masse for a candidate who promised to send American troops into Syria, and not even the real Syria, but a fanciful one that existed only in his mind.

There are legitimate criticisms to be made of President Obama’s Syria policy, and any honest participant in this debate has to admit that none of the options available are an obvious best choice, but almost everyone agrees that we not deploy ground troops, and that whatever action we take should be taken against Syria. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow imagined what our situation would have been under a President John McCain, but it was only a few months ago that Republicans everywhere were trying to elect President Mitt Romney. Here’s how President Romney would have dealt with “Syria.”

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