Road Rage Caught on Video: Driver Runs Over Navy Vet’s Motorcycle After Spat

A witness caught an altercation gone out-of-control on Monday when he filmed a motorist run over two people after slamming into their bike.

Fox reported on the incident out of Tampa, Florida, where Robert Paul Vance has been charged for ramming Joseph Calderazzo and his female passenger off the road. Calderazzo, a Navy veteran, was returning from a Memorial Day ride, and the road rage allegedly occurred after he and Vance traded harsh words about each others’ driving.

Abe Garcia took video of the incident, and he said the confrontation started after Vance cut Calderazzo off while switching lanes half a mile down the road. Garcia said he started filming when he noticed the two yelling, and that’s when he caught the hit-and-run.

Witnesses followed Vance, and he was soon arrested by the police. Calderazzo and his friend were taken to the hospital and they are expected to be alright.

Watch above, via ABC 6.

[Image via screengrab]

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