Romney Fan Pens Bizarre Anthem ‘Mitt Romney, A Hero In My Mind’

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has a fan in William Tapley, a New York man who, in a video posted to YouTube, performs his original tribute song entitled “Mitt Romney, A Hero In My Mind.”

In front of an idyllic stream, Tapley plays a keyboard and sings about an eagle warning the world about “wars and rumors of wars.” “World War III, that’s Obama’s plan for you and me. What a crock! It’s the only hope he’s got,” Taypley sings.

The video fails to match the professional gloss of “Yes We Can,” a song written for President Barack Obama during the 2008 presidential election by Black Eyed Peas singer, but Tapley should get an “A” for effort. Tapley also has a posted a number of videos about Biblical prophesies on YouTube.

Sen. John McCain also received an original song during his presidential campaign in 2008 — “Raisin’ McCain,” by country singer John Rich. Personally, I just think Romney should use “I Am America,” Krista Branch’s Tea Party anthem.

Watch Tapley’s “Mitt Romney, A Hero In My Mind,” below:

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