Russia Snubs Trump’s Invite For Second Summit: ‘Not Now’


Even though President Trump has already proposed a follow-up to his recent summit with Vladimir Putin, it would appear that the Russians aren’t interested in another meeting.

Reuters recently reached out to Kremlin diplomat Yuri Ushakov to see if Moscow had any response to the fallout from last week’s summit in Helsinki. Ushakov said that Trump and Putin could have a meeting at international events like the G20 summit later this year, but he declined to elaborate on why exactly his government hasn’t accepted Trump’s invitation to meet again sooner.

“After the summit you know what kind of atmosphere there is around its outcome,” said Ushakov. “I think it would be wise to let the dust settle and then we can discuss all these questions in a business-like way. But not now.”

Even though Trump mostly spoke favorably of Putin during their joint press conference and the days since then, Reuters suggests that the Russians were “taken aback” by the magnitude of the criticism Trump received for how he handled the summit. This might have factored into Ushakov’s comments to the media, since the report described him as “citing a desire not to inflame what he described as an already overheated U.S. political situation.”

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