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Sean Spicer Lands Big Money Speaking Gig, Agency Touts His ‘Candor, Wit and Insight’

For roughly six months, Sean Spicer‘s daily White House press briefings were mocked across the Internet.

The former Press Secretary’s frequent mispronunciations, penchant for mixing it up with reporters, and overall bumbling nature turned him into a Twitter pinata. But even though Spicer is considered by many to be less than great at the whole talking thing, that hasn’t stopped one company from giving Spicer big bucks to hit the lecture circuit.

According to Politico, Worldwide Speakers Group has hired Spicer to join its roster of orators — with his first speech being a September 11 address to a New York investment bank.

“Audiences around the world will benefit from the same candor, wit and insight that Spicer brought to the White House briefing room,” the company wrote in an ad touting Spicer, obtained by Politico.

Specifically, it appears to be Spicer’s candor that was the draw for Worldwide Speakers Group.

“We are thrilled to provide Sean for our major trade association, corporate, university and public lecture series customers around the world,” a spokesman for the company told Politico. “With his well-known candor and extensive experience, Sean is uniquely qualified to help audiences understand how the political environment will impact them now and in the future.”

Yup. Because Sean Spicer is nothing if not candid.

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