This Exists: Rush Limbaugh And William Shatner Debate Health Care

rush_shatWilliam Shatner‘s new television show premiers this Friday, and footage leaked makes us think that it has potential to be a very entertaining show — though we aren’t exactly clear it will entertaining in the way the producers meant for it to be. Nonetheless, the following clip demonstrates an animated discussion over health care with Rush Limbaugh that must be seen to be fully appreciated.

The show is titled Shatner’s Raw Nerve, and I can do no better than Entertainment Weekly writer Keith Staskiewicz‘s explanation of the show:

“Shatner’s version of a talk show is a lot like his version of “Rocket Man”: slightly lounge-y, bizarrely syncopated, and totally goofily enjoyable. It’s also surprisingly insightful, occasionally heated (especially with guest Rush Limbaugh), and willing to strangely go where no half-hour interview has gone before.”

Here’s the clip:

and the Rocket Man clip that everyone enjoys:

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