Soundbite: Breitbart Is Expert In Making Journalism Industry His Bitch

It’s not just the nightly news, You’re also getting television shows that reflect the same worldview, where Republicans are always the bad guys. Al Qaeda’s never the bad guy. The Republican is always the bad guy.”

From anyone else, this would be just talk — or talking points. (No terrorist bad guys on TV? Really?) But Breitbart is one of the people who rams those points into the popular consciousness. Until last September, the beefy 41-year-old with graying blond hair was a largely covert power in the right-wing media, the hidden hand behind the popular Drudge Report who also, weirdly, cofounded the liberal Huffington Post. But then he struck out on his own. Today his collection of Web sites draws more than 10 million readers a month. He has a book deal worth more than half a million dollars, and he’s a regular presence on Fox News — where he’s headed later tonight, in fact. The covert thing is out the window.

From Wired‘s longish profile on Andrew Breitbart, whom the magazine describes as being an “expert in making the journalism industry his bitch.” And if you follow his Twitter feed you may agree this is not too far off a description. You can read the entire thing here.

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