This Exists: Sexual Congress, A Site That Compares Politicians By Their…Sexiness

Let’s just say what we’re all thinking, comparing politicians by their policies is boring. There’s gotta be another way, right? Thankfully, comedian Tom Scott has lived up to the slogan on his site and “made stuff happen” by creating Sexual Congress, a hilarious site that pits two members of Congress next to each other and lets you decide which one is the more attractive. Not only does the site have an awesome pun for a title, it’s also easily our favorite time waster of the day.

The idea is simple. You sign on and are given pictures of two politicians and you click on the hotter one. It then tells you whether or not the “world agrees” by showing you the stats for that particular pairing. You can also check out the stats page and find out who are the hottest men and women (currently the top spots are held by sexy spouses Connie Mack IV of Florida and Mary Bono Mack of California) as well as which is the sexiest political party (Democrats by a nose. A sexy, shapely nose).

The whole thing is pretty hilarious. Check it out here.

(via Neatorama)

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