Trump Defiantly Says He Plans to Keep Tweeting in NYT Mag Feature: ‘It’s My Voice’

President Donald Trump‘s (almost) daily Twitter dispatches are undoubtedly the cause of much consternation in the West Wing. Regardless, he has no plans on stopping.

As part of a lengthy New York Times Magazine feature, Trump told reporter Mark Leibovich that Twitter is “my voice,” and he insisted that his voice on that medium would not be silenced, no matter who objected.

“They want to take away my voice,” Trump said. “They’re not going to take away my social media.”

Leibovich, a veteran Trump chronicler, wrote that he hadn’t been expecting to see the President during his visit to the White House. The impromptu chat came as a total surprise. According to the reporter’s account, it was shortly after noon on a day in early June, and Leibovich had been speaking with Trump aide Hope Hicks. After about 15 minutes, Hicks, all of a sudden, asked Leibovich if he wanted to see Trump.

“It’s usually not this easy to infringe on the president’s schedule,” Leibovich wrote.

But it was on that day. Leibovich found Trump in a dining room near the Oval Office, but the President was not eating. Instead, he was watching Fox & Friends on DVR.

[image via screengrab]


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