Trump Dings Media While Praising Coast Guard: They’d Only Fly Into Storm for a ‘Really Good Story’

As President Trump spoke with military officials who rescued storm survivors in Texas, he squeezed in a new jab at the political press.

The president traveled to Houston today in order to meet with Hurricane Harvey victims and congratulate the Coast Guard, local officials, and other first responders. As Trump gave a brief address commending the Coast Guard, he dropped an insinuation that media people wouldn’t dare run towards disaster or save lives unless they can get a story out of it.

“I hear the Coast Guard saved…almost 11,000 people by going into winds the media would not go into,” Trump said while pointing at the cameras. “They will not go into those winds unless it’s a really good story, in which case they will.”

Various media figures joined the Coast Guard and other rescue workers this week in order to document relief efforts around the state. Several reporters were filmed as they directly assisted Harvey victims while covering the natural disaster.

Watch above, via ABC.

[Image via screengrab]

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