Trump Fires Campaign Adviser for Racially-Charged Facebook Posts

donald trump vlogs against hillary clinton charleston shootingTwo days after his history of racially-charged Facebook posts were revealed, Donald Trump campaign adviser Sam Nunberg has been fired.

Business Insider reported Friday about the Trump consultant’s incendiary Facebook musings, which included a 2007 statement about calling Rev. Al Sharpton’s daughter an “N—!” Other comments referred to President Barack Obama as “Kenyan” and “Pan Arabist Marxist Muslim,” common tropes among the more far-right elements of the internet.

Nunberg initially denied recalling the posts, telling CNN that “anything that was posted under my name does not mean I posted it.” But now that the posts have been verified as having been on his personal Facebook wall, he has been terminated by the campaign.

“Effective immediately, part-time, low-level staffer is no longer with the Trump campaign,” said the campaign’s manager Corey Lewandowski in a statement.

Many readers may recall Nunberg as Trump’s political “right-hand” in McKay Coppins’ explosive 2014 BuzzFeed report about the Trump camp’s bizarre and brutish behavior. And just last month, Nunberg resurfaced in Coppins’ follow-up, exploring the internal politics of Trump’s clan, heavily suggesting the now-fired operative has long competed with other staffers for the billionaire mogul’s confidence.

Coppins noted how Trump’s other controversial adviser, Michael Cohen, has long sought to destroy Nunberg. Which makes you wonder: Could these old Facebook posts have been fed to the media by none other than… well, you get the gist.

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