Trump Isn’t Done Yet, Plans To Release A Book On Politics In The Fall

Donald Trump may finally have found the perfect venue for him to speak at length about politics without being interrupted by those pesky television journalists who interviewed him. It’s been announced that Trump, already a prolific business author, will write a book about politics and give his vision for what it would take to help America succeed.

Trump authored such successful books like The Art of the Deal, How to Get Rich and
Think Like a Billionaire: Everything You Need to Know About Success, Real Estate, and Life. The new book will be published by Regnery Publishing and its president, Marji Ross, said:

“[Trump] has proved to be a remarkably powerful force in American politics. Mr. Trump’s message – that America, once the most powerful nation on Earth, has lost the respect of the world – clearly resonates with millions of Americans who are angry about the decline of our great nation. We are honored he has chosen us to publish his book.”

No word yet on what the title might be, but here are some suggestions: The Art of Telling OPEC To Go F*** Themselves, How to Get Attention, and Think Like A Promoter: Everything You Need To Know About How I Can Make Money From ANYTHING.

(h/t Newsmax)

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