Trump’s Tweets May Start Being Vetted by Lawyers, WSJ Reports


President Donald Trump has sent out tweets during his trip abroad, but he hasn’t done any off-the-cuff ones recently. And that could potentially last even beyond the trip.

The Wall Street Journal has a new report out today on potential White House shake-ups––including the potential return of Corey Lewandowski and Sarah Huckabee Sanders possibly taking over officially for Sean Spicer––but there is also one interesting tidbit about the president’s tweeting habit:

One major change under consideration would vet the president’s social media posts through a team of lawyers, who would decide if any needed to be adjusted or curtailed. The idea, said one of Mr. Trump’s advisers, is to create a system so that tweets “don’t go from the president’s mind out to the universe.”

The Journal report specifically cites the examples of 1) his infamous “wiretapping” tweet about his predecessor Barack Obama, and 2) his suggestion that his conversations with James Comey may have been taped.

But former campaign aide Barry Bennett said, of this proposed vetting, “I would be shocked if he would agree to that.”

Trump is also expected to meet with some outside attorneys to “help deal with the legal ramifications of the Russia investigation.”

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