Watch Donald Trump Make THE BEST Predictions About Gas Prices and Iraq

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is nothing if not emphatic, a trait that hasn’t always served the real estate magnate well. For example, you may recall that during the 2012 presidential election campaign, gasoline prices became kind of a big deal, even reviving the flagging campaign of Newt Gingrich for a time. As it turns out, Donald Trump was way ahead of Gingrich and everyone else, making this bold prediction at a Florida rally in 2011, a full year before Gingrich thought to raise the issue:

Fuel prices will be hitting levels never even dreamt of before. Good luck, folks, when you want to take a nice ride with your wife or your husband.

Missed it by that much. As we all know now, gas prices are lower than they’ve been since before Obama took office, and Obama has bested Newt Gingrich’s promise of $2.50-a-gallon gas by almost a buck at its lowest.

Trump wasn’t finished, though, as he made another very specific, very emphatic prediction about Iraq:

Iraq, within minutes after we leave, will be taken over by Iran.

Again, Trump was a bit off in his prediction, as Iran is currently several million minutes behind schedule. On the bright side, Trump has also predicted that he will easily beat Hillary Clinton in November by taking such Democratic Party strongholds as New York state.

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