WATCH LIVE: President Trump Delivers State of the Union Address

President Donald Trump will appear before Congress tonight to deliver his State of the Union address before the nation.

White House officials have told the media that Trump aims to take an uplifting tone in his speech, with a focus on bipartisan unity, compromise and American accomplishments. Assuming the speech proceeds in this manner, it shall be a drastic departure from the president’s usual style of bombast, combative rhetoric and polarizing attacks against his political opponents. Indeed, Trump swiped at Chuck Schumer on Twitter today in retaliation for the Senate Minority Leader’s prebuttal to Trump’s speech.

There’s a high probability that immigration reform will be a leading topic of Trump’s address, following the government shutdown, even as he continues to feud with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democratic members of Congress over federal funding for a southern border wall. Trump has threatened to declare a national emergency if there’s no deal to fund the wall in the coming days, so tonight will be a critical moment for him to make his case on the future of border security.

Other topics Trump is likely to address include the state of the American economy, global matters of national security, and his planned agenda for the rest of the year.

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