‘We’re F*cked’: Hot Mic Catches Panicked Man After British Parliament Members Quit Labour Party

A U.K. man attending a press conference in Westminster Monday — at which seven members of parliament announced their plans to leave Britain’s Labour party — had his panic over the situation captured on a hot mic for all the world to hear.

The hot mic comment, which aired live on the BBC, was recorded during a news conference where parliament member Luciana Berger was addressing her plans to defect from the Labour party.

“Not going to lie,” the man said. “Between this and Brexit, we’re fucked.”

According to the BBC, the parliament members said they were quitting the party in protest of Jeremy Corbyn‘s leadership –particularly his handling of Brexit and issues of anti-Semitism. Berger said she was “embarrassed and ashamed.”

So too, it seems, was the man caught on the hot mic.

Watch above, via the BBC.

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