WH Reporter to Sanders: Why Does Trump Find Moore Allegations ‘Troubling,’ But Not Claims Against Him?

As expected, questions about the sexual misconduct allegations against Roy Moore dominated the White House press briefing on Thursday. Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders articulated President Donald Trump‘s stance that he finds the claims “very troubling.”

But James Rosen of Fox News had a natural follow-up for Sanders: What about the allegations against Trump?

“As we all know, the president faced a number of similar allegations, or somewhat similar allegations, during the course of the campaign, and he vigorously denied them,” Rosen said. “But I wonder what you would assert to be the difference between the two situations such that on the face of things, we should find one set of allegations very troubling, and on the other, we shouldn’t pay attention to them at all or we should totally disbelieve them.”

Sanders offered a reply that was as terse as it was non-informative.

“I think the president has certainly a lot more insight into what he personally did or didn’t do,” she said. “And he spoke out about that directly during the campaign. And I don’t have anything further to add beyond that.”

She and the administration may not have anything further to add, but that only figure to increase the volume of questions similar to the one posed by James Rosen Thursday.

Watch above, via CNN.

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