Will Trump Say ‘Fake News?’ Will Stacey Abrams Take a Sip of Water? Check Out These Crazy SOTU Prop Bets

Let’s face it. The State of the Union can be tedious to watch. Applause breaks after (seemingly) every other sentence make the address last forever. Fortunately, an overseas bookmaker has come up with some creative prop bets to help you pass the time — and possibly even cash in.

Costa-Rican based outfit BetDSI has released a series of props ahead of Tuesday night’s address by President Donald Trump. Some of the wagers being offered are truly zany. Here is a partial list:

Who will President Trump mention first in his remarks?

Vice President +150
Senate Majority Leader +200
Members of Congress +250
My fellow Americans +300
First Lady +500
Speaker of the House +800

Will President Trump be interrupted by something other than applause?

Yes +450
No -800

How many standing ovations will President Trump receive?

Over 69.5
Under 69.5

Will President Trump say the official name of a news media outlet?

Yes +220
No -300

Will President Trump say “fake news”

Yes -120
No -120

Will President Trump criticize NATO for lack of defense spending?

Yes +200
No -300

There are even a few props listed tied to the Democratic response, which will be delivered by Stacey Abrams.

Will Stacey Abrams say “Mueller investigation”

Yes -200
No +160

Will Stacey Abrams say “impeach” or “impeachment”

Yes +200
No -300

Will Stacey Abrams take a drink of water?

Yes +200
No -300

That last prop, of course, references Sen. Marco Rubio‘s (R-FL) 2013 State of the Union response in which he repeatedly, awkwardly, drank from a bottle of water.

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