Fox Contributor Hits Ivanka for ‘Unforgivable’ Use of Private Email: ‘Was She Not Around for the 2016 Campaign?’

Following a stunning Washington Post report that Ivanka Trump , senior adviser to the president, used a private email address to conduct government business, a Fox News contributor slammed the first daughter for claiming she didn’t know better.

“It is unforgivable,” Marc Thiessen told anchor Shannon Bream during her Monday night broadcast, discussing comparisons to Hillary Clinton‘s highly controversial use of a private server that remains in a legal grey area.

While Thiessen acknowledged that the the two cases are “very different,” he expressed shock at Trump’s misstep, wondering, “was she not around for the 2016 campaign?”

“Was she not there when the Trump rally people were saying lock her up? Her excuse was she wasn’t briefed on [it], she didn’t understand the rules. Any American could have told you that was paying half attention to the 2016 election the we understand the rules are if you’re in a high government position you don’t use your private emails.”

According to the Post‘s Monday article, Trump used a personal account to send hundreds of messages to staffers, among whom were Cabinet officials, White House aides and her own assistants. Sources familiar with a review of the emails told the outlet that in doing so, Trump broke federal records rules.

Watch the clip above via Fox News.

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