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George Takei Slams ‘Grotesque’ Immigration Rhetoric from Trump and Fox News: They’re Repeating Lies

George Takei’s Accuser Casts Doubt on Story of Drugging and Assault

Kimmel Gets George Takei to Hawk White House ‘Departed Staffer Commemorative Plates’

Is No One Seriously Concerned About Media’s New Standards on Reporting Abuse Allegations?

George Takei Says He’s ‘Shocked and Bewildered’ by Sexual Assault Allegation

Listen to George Takei Seemingly Refer To The Sexual Assault Allegation on The Howard Stern Show

George Takei Accused of Sexual Assault

‘GROUPHUG’: Liberal Twitter Mourns Over Georgia Special Election Results

‘What is Wrong With You?’ George Takei Gets Pummeled on Twitter Over Steve Scalise Jab

George Takei Claims His Trump Poll was ‘Hijacked by Alt-Right Virgin Trolls’

‘I Think Mr. Trump is Uninformed’: George Takei Answers CNN Anchor Asking if He Thinks Trump’s Evil

George Takei Tweets About What Trump Might do Next if He Loses

People Are Very Surprised by George Takei’s Reaction to Gay Sulu News

George Takei Has a Message for the ‘Bernie or Bust’ Crowd

George Takei Slams Roanoke Mayor’s Invoking of Japanese Internment: ‘We Loved America’

George Takei: Kim Davis Is Not Like MLK; She’s Like George Wallace

George Takei Apologizes for ‘Ad Hominem and Uncivil’ Blackface Comment

William Shatner Defends Star Trek Co-Star: George Takei’s ‘Not a Racist’

George Takei Doubles Down: Blackface Is Just ‘Theater Lingo,’ ‘Not Racist’

George Takei: Clarence Thomas a ‘Clown in Blackface’

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