The Hollywood Reporter

In 1994 Interview Trump Admitted He Advised Men to ‘Be Rougher’ With Their Wives

Megyn Kelly to Give Opening Remarks at The Hollywood Reporter’s Women in Entertainment Event

Gloria Steinem: Hillary’s Approval Ratings Are Low Because She’s a Woman

Scott Baio Repeatedly Tells Interviewer He Does ‘Not Care’ What People Think of His Conservatism

Bill O’Reilly Says It Wasn’t His ‘Place’ To Defend Megyn Kelly From Trump Attacks

‘It Was a Stupid Question’: Stacey Dash Shrugs Off Backlash on Where Trans People Should Pee

Olbermann Rips the Media: They’ve Self-Censored Because Trump Stories Are Just Too Good

Hollywood Reporter Banned From Cannes Event in Retaliation for Woody Allen Sex Abuse Story

Ronan Farrow Speaks Out on Sister Dylan’s Sexual Abuse Allegations Against Woody Allen

Spike Lee Compares Each 2016 Contender to One Of His Famous Characters

Emily Blunt: GOP Debate Made Me Regret Becoming an American

Roger Ailes Dismisses Rumors, Says Relationship with Murdoch ‘Never Been Better’

BriWi Shouldn’t Be Fired, and 6 Other Fascinating Quotes from ‘Introspective’ Roger Ailes Profile

THR Reveals Bold Plan that Got Today Exec Jamie Horowitz Fired

Sharyl Attkisson: Assume I’m on Obama’s Enemies List

Blind Item: Which Celebrity ink. Regular Orders Nothing But Piles Of Raw Salted Veg From Voltaggio’s Kitchen?

The Hollywood Reporter’s Fox News Gun Control Rebuttal Doesn’t Add Up

Travel Channel Responds Icily To Anthony Bourdain’s Cadillac Rant

Kristen Stewart: Are We Really Cool With A 22-Year-Old’s Career Ending Simply Because She Had A Bad Break Up?

Getting Sued Sucks, But Dealing With A Shady, Hollywood Reporter ‘Journalist’ Is Worse

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