CNN Source Insists Kirstjen Nielsen Forced Out by Trump, Did Not Resign Willingly


Shortly after President Donald Trump announced via Twitter that Kirstjen Nielsen was out as United States Secretary of Homeland Security, CNN reported that Nielsen did not leave her role willingly.

Speaking with CNN’s Ana Cabrera, Boris Sanchez reported the DHS Secretary was forced out.

After noting that the president initially liked when his DHS Secretary was “defensive over his policy proposals, over his vision for immigration,” he stressed that over time the president’s support for Nielsen waned.

He then called attention to reporting from his colleague Jeff Zeleny.

“I wanted to point to some reporting we got from my colleague Jeff Zeleny. He’s telling us a source says, that Kirstjen Nielsen did not resign willingly but was under pressure to do so from President Trump. That’s according to a person close to Nielsen,” Sanchez said. “We’re told that she did not fight or grovel to keep the job. She was clearly aware that the president was unhappy with her. She was prepared to resign, but this confirms what we’re hearing, that this meeting did not go well and she ultimately had to resign because the president forced her to.”

Nielsen wrote on Twitter on Sunday that she handed her resignation to Trump.

She also shared her letter of resignation.

Watch above, via CNN

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