MSNBC’s Steve Schmidt Warns Democrats: ‘In America, A Sociopath Will Beat a Socialist Seven Days a Week’

Moments before 2020 Democratic candidates took the stage for Wednesday night’s primary debate, MSNBC contributor Steven Schmidt warned Democrats against embracing leftist factions of the party.

“The Trump presidency is an emergency for the country,” said the apostate Republican on MSNBC. “There is no higher issue than his removal from office. So that calls for a candidate who has the ability to assemble the broadest, widest possible political coalition. That includes some Republicans, independents, Democrats to win an election that will be the most consequential election I think this country has had since 1864, maybe the 1940 election.”

“I do think there is a danger when you look at some of the ideology that we’ve seen front and center in this field,” Schmidt continued. “In America, a sociopath will beat a socialist seven days a week and twice on Sunday.”

“Nobody should underestimate Donald Trump’s ability to frame an argument, to demagogue an opponent,” he added, noting the president is unlikely to be removed from office by impeachment.

Schmidt is back on MSNBC after an eight-month absence, during which he advised Howard Schultz’s ill-fated flirtation with a third-party run.

Watch above, on MSNBC.

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