Truckers Scorch Trump Over Economy on MSNBC: ‘The American Dream is Getting Further Away’

President Donald Trump‘s economy is not working — at least in the opinion of group of truck drivers appearing on MSNBC.

In a segment Wednesday morning on MSNBC Live, a group of eight truckers appearing in a discussion moderated by Morgan Radford, absolutely teed off on the Trump economy.

“There’s nothing that he’s doing to help us out out here in any way possible,” one driver said. “I mean, none.”

The drivers — all part of a Georgia-based protest group called Black Smoke Matters — are, according to the MSNBC report, a mix of Republicans, Democrats and Independents. Three of the eight truckers on the MSNBC panel said they voted for Trump.

Now, they are all disenchanted.

“[This administration is] not listening!” One driver said. “Not at all!”

At an October 2017 rally, the president said, “America first means putting American truckers first.”

The drivers, however, don’t believe Trump is putting them first — specifically fuming over their inability to write off food and other expenses on their taxes, as they had done previously.

“The American Dream is getting further away,” one said.

“Unattainable,” another added.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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