Kellyanne Conway: Kamala Harris Has ‘Nothing Substantive to Offer’, Just Going for Viral Moment

S.E. Cupp: ‘The Next Two Years Will be the Equivalent of a Rectal Exam for Trump’

CNN’s Brian Stelter: Trump Said ‘A Lot of Things That Don’t Make Sense’ in California

Trump Dismisses Climate Change Questions About Wildfires: ‘I Want Great Climate’

Trump Surveys Wildfire Damage in CA: ‘Nobody Would’ve Ever Thought This Could Have Happened’

Don Lemon Blasts Trump After Judge Rules in Favor of CNN: He Keeps Trying to Challenge the Rule of Law

Colbert: Trump Sending Troops to the Border ‘For No Reason,’ Like Paul Revere Shouting ‘The No One Is Coming!’

Trump Offers Nancy Pelosi Rare Words of Support: ‘She Deserves’ to Be Speaker

Trump Calls Saudi Arabia ‘Spectacular Ally’ Amid New Reports About Khashoggi Assassination

Trump Lashes Out at NY Times for Report on Him Questioning Pence’s Loyalty: ‘Phony Story’

Bill Maher’s New Rule for Bridging the Political Divide: ‘Shut the F*ck Up’

WATCH: Stephen Colbert Stumps Justice Sonia Sotomayor With Ghostbusters Theme

HBO’s Bill Maher: Trump’s Response to Every Tragedy is ‘How Can I Hurt?’

Chris Cuomo Clashes With Corey Lewandowski Over CNN-WH Spat: Decorum ‘Starts at the Top’

CNN Panel Gets Heated Over Kamala Harris Comments on ICE and the KKK: ‘Did You Just Call Me an Apologist?’

Sarah Sanders: ‘If Certain Reporters Like Jim Acosta Can’t Be Adults,’ Then CNN Should Send Someone Who Can Be

Carl Bernstein: We Should Rethink Approach to WH Briefings, Trump Uses Them to Lie and ‘Manipulate the Press’

CNN’s Erin Burnett: Trump Scolding Reporters Isn’t About ‘Decorum,’ It’s About ‘Controlling the Press’

Trump on California Wildfires: Climate Change May Contribute a ‘Bit,’ But Forest Management Is ‘Big Problem’

Stacey Abrams Admits Defeat in GA Gov Race But Says ‘This Is Not a Speech of Concession’

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