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Colbert Blasts Melania Trump’s ‘I Really Don’t Care’ Jacket: ‘That’s One Message She Didn’t Steal From Michelle Obama’

The Daily Show Analyzes CNN Panel Discussions: ‘Their Priority is Producing a Sh*t Show’

Chris Cuomo Ends Show With Impassioned Monologue on Border Crisis: We Should Be ‘Better Than This’

Lawrence O’Donnell Wonders If Melania Trump Decided to Go to Border After Watching His Show

CNN Analyst Kirsten Powers on Melania’s Jacket: ‘It Should Just Say Let Them Eat Cake’

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Confronts Corey Lewandowski Over Mocking ’Womp Womp’ Comment

Tucker Carlson Decries Emotional Rachel Maddow Segment as ‘Propaganda’

Roseanne Minus Roseanne: ABC Picks Up The Conners Spinoff

GOP Rep. Mark Sanford Fires Back at Trump After ‘Nasty Guy’ Insult: He Expects ‘100 Percent Allegiance’

Charles Krauthammer Has Died at 68

CNN Panel Tries to Decipher Melania Trump’s Wardrobe Disaster: ‘Maybe It’s a Moment of True Candor From Her’

Fox News Guest Hails Melania For Wearing ‘I Don’t Care’ Jacket: She’s ‘Going After the Mainstream Media’

Jeff Sessions on Separating Families: ‘We Never Really Intended to Do That’

GOP Rep. Coffman Calls on Trump to Fire Stephen Miller: ‘This Is A Human Rights Mess’

Mick Mulvaney Unleashes Hell On Roast Beef Sandwiches and Fish Ladders: ‘This Is Stupid!’

Trump: Democrats Have Created A ‘Massive Child Smuggling Industry’

WATCH: MSNBC Reacts to Emotional Trump Fans at Rally

Melania Tours Border Detention Center: ‘How Can I Help These Children to Reunite With Their Families?’

Sinclair Forces Stations To Air Commentary Arguing ‘Liberal’ Reports of Child Detention Were Exaggerated

Stuart Varney: If Media Keeps Up ‘Extreme’ Language, They’re Going to Get Somebody Killed

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