At Geneva Presser, BBC Reporter Asks National Security Advisor John Bolton if Donald Trump Is a Security Risk

On Thursday, National Security Advisor John Bolton spoke with reporters after meeting in Geneva with Russian National Security Council Director Nikolai Patrushev. The two men did not hold a joint press conference because they could not reach an agreement on election meddling.

During Bolton’s solitary presser, he took several questions on the topic at hand. Toward the end, Bolton said he would take two final questions but the last one, from BBC’s Imogen Foulkes, was more provocative than substantive. His answer was short.

“It’s not been an easy week for your president,” Foulkes began. “I’m just wondering as National Security Advisor whether you were told, given the events of this week and admissions of payoffs and you mentioned election meddling, whether you’re ever concerned that your own President is a security risk.”

“Of course not, I mean that’s a silly question,” said Bolton. “I just spoke to him literally a few minutes ago and we have performed here in exactly the way I think the two leaders would have expected us to.”

“You know, honestly, have a little faith in the American people who elected him president,” said Bolton before concluding the conference.

Watch the clip above, via Youtube.

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