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Bill Maher Almost Became an MSNBC Host

Earlier this week, Bill Maher was bashing MSNBC for “turning into Fox News” with its “obsessive” coverage of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s “Bridgegate” scandal. Now, in a new interview with Forbes, the HBO host has revealed that he came very close to working at that very cable news network.

“A while back I had some extensive talks with MSNBC,” Maher told Forbes’ J. Max Robins, “and ultimately we all looked around the room and we all just knew with advertisers to worry about, we’d never be able to make it work.” Given the network’s recent controversies involving the decidedly less-controversial Martin Bashir and Melissa Harris-Perry, it seems both parties may have made the right decision.

Similarly, Maher said he doesn’t see himself going to a network like CNN, where he used to fill-in for Larry King before Piers Morgan took over that 9pm time slot. “Never going to happen,” he declared.

Maher did tease the idea that he could “do a Glenn Beck” and strike out on his own, as the former Fox News host did with TheBlaze. “Glenn Beck is printing money with only 500,000 subscribers,” Maher remarked, before indicating he will stay loyal to HBO, which produces his weekly show Real Time, for now.

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