Bill Maher: If He Was President in 1938, Trump Would’ve Called Hitler and Mussolini ‘Strong Leaders’

On Friday night, Bill Maher declared that that the only way Donald Trump makes it through his presidency is that if our nation becomes a “fascist dictatorship.”

“What he said about the raid of Michael Cohen‘s office, he says, ‘It’s an attack against our country,'” Maher said. “We’ve read the list of the many ways in which he is a banana republic dictator. The family who has key jobs, you know, the missile parade, the list goes on… but when the leader says ‘an attack against me is an attack against our country, there’s nothing more fascist than that.”

Maher doubled down by asking if Trump was president in 1938 before knowing the existence of the death camps, “What would he be saying about Hitler or Mussolini?”

“Strong leaders! Strong leaders!” Maher impersonated the president. “He would love them.”

Watch the clip above, via HBO.

[image via screengrab]

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